Calculating your GST and PAYG on your BAS for lodgement is an obligation that a lot of small business owners begrudge finding the time to do. So, finding a bookkeeping service that is a Registered BAS Agent should be high on your list of requirements when looking for a bookkeeper and BAS Agent.

At Perth Bookkeeping Professionals we allocate a BAS Agent to all our clients.  They will review your accounts, especially your GST and PAYG coding either monthly or quarterly (depending on how often you are required to lodge) to ensure your coding is correct and the right figures are calculated.  We can then take care of the lodgement via our BAS Agent online portal.

When we run our monthly or quarterly checks we will look at things like:

  • All GST on Sales Invoices and Expenses
  • PAYG on employee wages are processed correctly
  • Reconciling of your GST and PAYG obligations against the ATO balance
  • BAS reports prepared
  • BAS lodged electronically through BAS agents Portal

As registered BAS Agents, we work directly with the ATO, lodging your BAS and IAS on time, electronically on your behalf. Let us take the hassle out of your tax obligations.

What is GST?

Goods and services tax (GST) is a broad-based tax of 10% on most goods, services and other items sold or consumed in the indirect tax zone. You must register for GST if you run a business or other enterprise and your GST turnover is $75,000 or more (for non-profit organisations the threshold is $150,000 or more).

Why do I need a registered BAS Agent?

By having a registered BAS agent providing Tax Agent Services, you can be sure that all your GST, PAYG and IAS requirements are being met correctly. BAS Agents need to meet minimum educational and experience requirements which are set by the Tax Practitioners Board. You can get more information on the requirements BAS Agents need to meet at the Tax Practitioners Board.

You can check if your bookkeeper, accountant and taxation (financial) adviser is a registered tax agent here. You will find us by typing in ‘Perth Bookkeeping Professionals’.

It is also a good idea to ensure your bookkeeper is a part of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers or Australian Bookkeepers Association. These organisations ensure that your bookkeepers’ knowledge is kept up to date and trained on changes to GST and Payroll legislation and processes.

If you need a BAS Agent in Perth, look no further than Perth Bookkeeping Professionals. We can help you review and submit your lodgements, taking the stress away. Get in touch today!